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An Invitation to a Personal Retreat Intensive

Would you like

A Deep Dive Into ~ ~ ~
Shifting Molecules for more Consciousness         

Change what you think cannot be changed

Go Beyond Being Normal

                     A Personal Retreat   

* Are you bored, sad, confused, betrayed, heartbroken,

workaholic, or struggling with money flows or something else?

* Are you feeling “stuck” on your path to consciousness and personal growth? 

* Do you get “IT” on-line, classes, private sessions, while you receive change ~ you “lose it” as soon as you return to this polarity reality aka “real life”?

* Are you operating out of Unconsciousness? Anti-Consciousness? Or Consciousness?

* Are childhood wounds still dominating your emotions; anger, fear, anxiety, confusion?

* Is Drama and Trauma dominating your life?

* Are Interpersonal conflicts interfering in your relationships, still limiting your ability to experience intimacy?

* Perhaps everything is “beautiful” and yet you are still unhappy and miserable? 

* Is living with your deepest barriers down, without walls and boundaries to being awake, aware and vulnerable a too scary thought? 

Shifting Molecules is the process of changing the energetic barriers, the walls and boundaries, whether you are aware of them or not, identifiable or vague, block you from the change you seek.  You know! that place and space, that reality of possibilities, joy, fun, happiness!   

This ‘stuck’ place, the unconscious and anti-consciousness  used with relationships, money, creativity, your body, your health, your mind, school, aging, parenting, anything can be addressed and shifted to allow the change you are seeking.  It Is All Energy!  One thing you will not have with this personal retreat is drama or trauma.  (Well you can, if you choose it, and it is not necessary) How does it get better than that?  How much fun and joy can you receive, have, and be?

You are not broken.  You have misidentified and misapplied the points of view and implants of this reality. 

The Shifting Molecules Personal, One Person, Residential Retreat is designed as a powerful 5 day, 4 night is held in a beautiful private suite, Villa Taksu on the Sayan Ridge, Ubud Bali Indonesia. The view is gorgeous with plenty of space for you to practice yoga, write or create your future with the ease and quite of Bali charm includes breakfast and light lunch and a massage delivered to your room.  Truly a dynamic time to choose major breakthroughs in healing and growth!

This program is for those committed to creating a change in their life. Total focus is on you and what you would like to change.  A one-of-a-kind expansive, effective, defining time, for a quick change that creates a future you know is possible. 

Designed to meet you where you can get into and out of that place you have decided and concluded, projected, judged, computed, and denied that you could never change what you think you can’t change. 

You can choose to be as introspective as you desire or mix in luxurious treats for you and your body’s Bali adventure. 

If you are interested in another joining you, there is the 7 night 8 Day for two persons. A couple’s retreat, a mother/daughter 18 Yr.+ or father/son 18 Yr.+. or sisters or brothers, or a combination of those. Contact me for a quote on that.  Each of you will receive individualized sessions.


You will receive
* 16 + hours of Personal Processing in the 5 Day Deep Dive
* 25+ hours of Personal Processing in the 8-Day Magical You 
* Pragmatic Tools to Create Your Life beyond what you have imagined possible
* You are welcome to record your sessions
* Receive one free follow up Skype session when you return home
* Receive space for yoga, writing, dancing, floating in the pool
* Your Perceiving, Knowing, BEing, and Receiving will switch  on, beyond thoughts, feelings, and emotions
* You will learn to learn how Aware You Really are out of the trance of emotions, drama and trauma.
* Your Infinite Being will lead the way.  After all, you have been around the Universe 4 Trillion years and there is so much you already Know.
* You will receive forever tools and shifts in your molecules creating the space for you to actualize more of the Ease & Joy & Exuberance that you knew was possible and could not reach.
* Fun, Playfulness, and Magic with a renewed sense of well-being and a fresh clarity around creating your life!

Onto expanding your life forever!

     * Receive a workbook with supportive reminders

     * Participants can purchase an additional package of  

        3~1Hour ~ Skype Sessions price on request        

       PayPal [email protected] for Skype Calls

     * You can book extra days with us or somewhere else on the island to explore more of Bali

The Shifting Molecules ~ Deep Dive ~
4 Nights, 5 Day
Personal Retreat

~ Arrival Day ~  
         * Air Port Pickup
         * Welcome Massage
         * Lunch or Dinner and an overview of the processes used, all based on the tools of Consciousness and questions for what will bring you the most during this time. 
         * Plus Process before sleep.

~ Days 2,3,4 ~ 
         * Breakfast
         * Processes
         * Afternoon, Choose an activity from the list or total quite time in your suite and use of Villa Pool
         * Dinner
         * Evening a hands on session for multidimensional clearing old patterns and shifting the molecules of the body for more space of you (not the same as massage)

~ Day 5 ~ Departure Day
         * Breakfast
         * Integration Session
         * Air Port Delivery

Schmoozing You!  You can always add on options.  They are priced at their value when you book them.  ADD an extra day or two and enjoy the sights.

Day times
         * Another Taksu Spa massage / In house or on site
         * Local walks:  Chaumpaun Ridge / Sayan river walk
         * Water Temple:  Purification
         * Ubud Shopping:  Driver
         * Yoga in house OR in community
         * Pilates Private Session or group
         * Gyrotonic® Session
         * Rolfing

         * Awesome dinners at 3-5 star dinner spaces
         * Acupuncture Session
         * Ubud Temple Performances, Kacek Dance
         * Dinner & Full Moon Ceremony ~ (On Full Moons)
         * Pyramids of Chi

Retreat Fees include:  Airport Pick-Up and Delivery; Private Entrance Villa Suite; Daily Breakfast and lite lunch, 1 Dinner; Welcome Massage OR last day Massage (depending on departure time), either at Taksu Spa or delivered to your suite.  Tax & Service are included in the Retreat Package.  Eating out and local transportation are your choice. 

My gift to life is my commitment to Conscious Living.  Where better to offer the tools of Consciousness than Bali Indonesia?  I invite you to our home, with your own personal suite with a private entrance.  Overlooking a beautiful coconut forest, it has been said Villa Taksu has one of the most magnificent views in Bali.  This lovely suite on the prestigious Sayan Ridge offers the most gorgeous sunset views!

A Shifting Molecules Personal Retreat is a unique time offer for you to receive an all inclusive, cutting edge, and pragmatic transformational event during an unforgettable long weekend or a week long adventure

“I have known Lela for years!  I have received Trager, Reiki, Advanced Energy Healing, LightTouch, Yoga and Mediation, Eternal  Breath and so much more.  I had years of psychotherapy and while my Personal Retreat was in the USA I can definitely say I received huge change, and dropped my story for more ease and joy.  It is years later and the tools of consciousness changed me beyond what I could imagine!” 

female: Addiction therapist

“My story was all the drama and trauma around abuse and with these pragmatic tools of consciousness I no longer have the responder points or reaction points looping me in the past.  Nor do I buy the lies that I am broken from that time!  Freedom to be me and choose joy and fun over what I spent so many years being a victim, well, my gratitude is beyond words!  I had a Personal Retreat in USA.  I use the tools with my students now.  Wow, what would it take to have a tune up in paradise?”  female: art therapist

“There was magic happening in the supportive, kind and caring space of you and your home!  Great food.  Beautiful view!  All that added to the ease I received from the sessions with you.  You were so present, and I am so grateful!  My self-confidence, my awareness, my ease with my Life is priceless.  I am so grateful for that time. Personal Retreat just for ME shaped my future in ways I could not have imagined.  Thank you so much Lela!”  Female: yoga teacher

“Remember the state of my life when I did the Personal Retreat?  That was such a difficult time.  I was getting a divorce, a father of 4 children and smothering under the guilt with extreme panic attacks. Not a happy person.  In those few days and deep sessions my whole life changed.  I have so much space as well as of mountains of gratitude for choosing beyond sadness and suffering.  All relationships are so much easier now.” 

Male: businessman

Check out the web sites and Skype connections here:

Lela: (62) 821 4636 5355
Skype: Lela Thomas (Refer ‘Personal Retreat’ when you send an invitation to connect)

Price on request.